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Why does the battery sometimes fail to discharge when the battery is in use?

2018/6/1 17:11:57


(1)The battery is discharged under normal floating condition, and the discharge time is not up to the requirement. The reasons are: (1) If the battery is discharging with a large current, the discharge current exceeds the rated current, due to the concentration polarization and electrochemical polarization of the electrolyte, The actual discharge capacity of the battery is reduced, that is the discharge time is insufficient, and the actual capacity does not reach the design capacity, which is a normal phenomenon of the battery.

(2) In case of floating charge voltage insufficient, which will cause the battery to run out of electricity and the capacity insufficient, the battery may become sulphated.

(3) The connection bar between the batteries is loose, and the contact resistance is large, resulting in a large voltage drop during discharge, and the entire set of battery voltage drops quickly to terminate the protection of the battery.

(4) When the temperature is too low during discharge, the electrochemical reaction speed decreases, and as the temperature decreases, the discharge capacity also decreases.

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