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Congratulations to HUAWEI POWER SOURCE for being awarded titles of honour

2018/6/6 17:15:31


    Warm congratulations to Zhangzhou Huawei Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. for being awarded the Famous Brand, the Quality Star Eeterprise, the Advanced Collective and other glories of 2017 in China lead-acid battery industry by Lead-acid Storage Battery Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, and to Mr. Ke Zhimin, the president of HUAWEI POWER SOURCE, for being awarded title of honour the Leader.  

 the Famous Brand 


 the Quality Star Enterprise 

2017年中国电器工业协会铅酸蓄电池分会-质量五星级企业(证书) (2).jpg2017年中国电器工业协会铅酸蓄电池分会-质量五星企业.jpg

 the Advanced Collective 


 the Leader 


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